Audubon Block Company
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Our History:

In the early years, the predecessor company to Audubon Block Company was in the business of manufacturing woodworking equipment. A potential customer, looking for a more efficient way to make corner blocks, asked for a quote on building a fully automatic block machine. However, when the quote was received, it was much more expensive than the customer could justify paying. It was mutually agreed that if a machine was built, the potential customer would purchase the blocks rather than the machine.

The machine was built and the demand and production of corner blocks increased steadily. Other unique production equipment was also designed and built over the years. Audubon Block Company has been under its current ownership for 12 years.

To this day, we use cutting edge technology in our proprietary machines to produce custom parts. Our machinery allows us to accurately control the quality and cost of production in order to effectively compete in today's global marketplace.

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